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The “Nerush Cup International Championship” is a Judo and Sambo competition in the memory of Alex Nerosh - a member of the Samurai-Do judo club.


The competition is in the form of science, sports and companies. Alex was a scientist in Weizmann Institute, worked at the field of organic chemistry and was about to finish his doctorate.

His research has so far contributed many other scientists in his research field.


Alex was an active athlete, from the age of 8 at the judo club Samurai-Do.

Alex stood out especially in his will to combine his adult life with the sport and even competed in several competitions of older ages.

Alex saw judo as a real way of life and not just a passing hobby.

His friends will say that despite his many occupations, he never gave up training.

In 28 short years Alex gathered around him a circle of wide and varied friends. Dozens of close friends and hundreds of acquaintances, all filled with stories describing him as an optimist, smiling and loyal friend. Alex died prematurely after a short and painful fight against cancer and the judo tournament is dedicated to him in order to perpetuate his name and achievements.

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